class OpenMfx::EffectRegistryEntry#

An entry of the effect registry corresponds to one loaded effect library (.ofx file). It wraps it into a chained list. Each library holds a reference counter, and when this drops to 0 the library is unloaded automatically. It also holds a descriptor for each effect in the library. The descriptor is lazyly loaded on demand.

This class is only instanciated by the EffectRegistry, a user of the SDK should not interact with it unless they know whath they are doing.

Public Functions

EffectRegistryEntry(const char *filename, Host *host)#
EffectLibrary &library()#
const char *filename() const#
EffectRegistryEntry *next() const#
void setNext(EffectRegistryEntry *other)#
bool isValid() const#
void incrementReferences()#

Use these resp. before and after handling this effect library to user code

void decrementReferences()#
bool isReferenced() const#

Tells whether the entry is being used (ref counter == 0)

OfxMeshEffectHandle getDescriptor(int effectIndex)#

Initialize the descriptor if it does not already exist.


nullptr if the index is not valid