OpenMfx for Blender#

The OpenMfxForBlender project is a branch of Blender where OpenMfx effects can be used either as modifiers or as geometry nodes.


A quick introduction of how to use this branch is given in Using OpenMfx.


The usual instructions for building Blender apply.

The first difference is the repository to clone:

cd blender-git
git clone
make update

Then after make update you may have to switch the dependencies to the version on which the fork is based.

cd blender-git/lib/win64_vc15
svn up -r63009

The name win64_vc15 will depend on your platform, and revision 63009 changes at each sync with the main branch, check out the release notes of the last version of the fork.

If the branch is based on a version, you can easily find the revision using tags, e.g., for Blender 3.3 instead of svn up -r63009 one can type:

svn switch "^/tags/blender-3.3-release/lib/win64_vc15"


How can I help?#

  • By building the branch for MacOS and sharing the build with us

  • By testing the branch and reporting any issue

  • By trying to address the limitations you find, either in the code or in the documentation!

A little guide for syncing with Blender’s main branch#

Provided the upstream repository is added as upstream (if not, run git remote add upstream git:// and that you are on branch openmfx:

git fetch upstream
git tag  # find the tag X.X.X you want to merge
git merge vX.X.X

Then call make update to sync the dependencies.

Run a git status to see all files marked as both modified or both added. For files A, B, C, etc. that are not related to OpenMfx nor to the integration of OpenMfx as a modifer, you can run

git checkout --theirs A B C ...

For unrelated files that are deleted by them:

git rm A B C ...

Other files require manual inspection! Example of files that must be handled manually:


Look for >>>>>>> and treat cases where the conflict area contains mentions to OpenMfx.

Finally, try to build and fix issues.