Examples of OpenMfx pluginsΒΆ

This page intends to list all the publicly available OpenMfx plugins.

To begin with, there are sample plugins in the OpenMfx repository: examples/plugins. Some of them are outdated, relevant examples are for instance mfx_test_parameters_plugin and mfx_uv_transform.

MfxVCG is an example of OpenMfx plug-in that provides mesh filters from VCGlib, the core library of MeshLab.

MfxVTK provides effects from the Visualization ToolKit as an OpenMfx plug-in.

MfxHoudini is an OpenMfx plug-in that calls the Houdini Engine to be able to run any Houdini Digital Asset as a mesh effect.

MfxExamples is a simple repository using the C++ SDK that one can use as a starter pack.