This document currently is a largely undocumented draft so it is more informational to refer to the C API at the moment: OpenMfx API Reference.

struct MfxMeshProps

Properties attached to an MfxMesh. Usage:

MfxMeshProps props;

Public Members

int pointCount

Number of points.

A point is a location in the 3D space.

int cornerCount

Number of vertices.

A corner is a face vertex, associating a face to a point. For instance UVs are typically attached to corners because a given point may have different UV coordinates depending on whether it belongs to a face or another one.

NB: This is called a “loop” in Blender, and “vertex” in Houdini.

int faceCount

Number of faces.

Faces may have 2 or more corners. When they have only two corners, there are also called “loose edges”.

bool noLooseEdge

Tells whether the mesh has some 2-corners faces. If set to true, the mesh is garrantied to have at least 3 corners per face. Otherwise, there is no warranty, namely the mesh may or may not have loose edges.

int constantFaceSize

If different from -1, tells that all faces of the mesh have the same number of corners. For instance, a mesh only made of triangles may have this property set to 3. A wireframe mesh, containing only loose edges, will have this set to 2. When it set to -1, individual vertex counts for each face are given by the kOfxMeshAttribFaceSize

int attributeCount

Number of attributes attached to this mesh. NB: This is not useful at the moment because there is no way to discover what are the names of these attributes.